Purchasing a New Construction home is a huge undertaking. Make sure you’re trusting the future of your family with a builder that has values to match your family’s needs.

  • Price?
  • Customer Service? (Communication)
  • Location?
  • Quality of Materials Used
  • Warranties (What they cover and how long they last )
  • How the builder stands Behind there Products
  • What Building Codes they build by
  • Longevity in the business (will they be in business in the next few years?)
  • Functionable floor plans?

So you want to make sure that the builder you have selected to work with build good quality home and deliver good customer service threw out the building process and even after closing. Because once you close on the home that is when some poor family find out the builder may have used lower quality materials and other crazy situations which ends up costing them more money!

As our Clients we help give you the tool in regards to what to look out for!

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