Cash Back/ Rebate Restrictions

Restriction might apply [Rule 535.155]

Restriction Might Apply

Restrictions may apply to our cash back incentives or rebates available to our clients are subject to restrictions.

  • Payment is subject to the consent of the party represented by the license holder represents in the transaction (ONLY) [Rule 535.147(d)]
  • Must complete Buyers Consultation
  • Must become client by completing Buyers Rep Agreement
  • Copy of Pre-Approval Letter or Proof of funds deliver 2 working  days after Buyer Rep Has Been signed.
  • Buyer will only be eligible to take incentive/rebate /cash back or saving active promotions going on the day an agreed contract has been signed by the buyers. For example, if Straight from the builder is running a 2% off promotion and it ends on Aug.31, 2020. As long a you signed a contract for a new home and the seller has agreed to sell the home at that price on or before the expiration date of Aug. 31 2020 you will receive that 2%.
  • Restriction may apply depending on lenders restrictions [Rules 535.155]
Builders Incentives

Note that Builders incentives (the seller incentives) may offers to rebate contingent upon a party’s use of a specific service provider, or subject to approval by a third party such as a lender. Please understand the difference our saving are in addition to any other incentive you may receive from the builder. 

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